Saturday, April 14, 2018

You Saw It Here

A New Yorker article by Adam Davidson makes an alluringly made case for the Trump presidency being just about over. Trump's problems are getting progressively worse. It's not just the criminality that's going to get exposed now with the seizure of his lawyer's records, but people will know how base and small the Trump operation is and totally lose respect for him.

That may be. The American ruling class has always had the ability to remove Trump.

But it may not be, too. The evilness and cheapness and every otherness of the Trump crime family pales in comparison to the genocidal butchery our Capitalists masters have been committing non stop for decades. A lot of people understand this. Trump's supporters will go to the streets for him and he will get support from sectors who are eager to confront the system and who see it as more evil than him, and he could get enough support to make his removal dangerous if not impossible.

More likely, things will continue as is. The deep state has Trump cornered. He knows now that he can buy time by bombing Syria and being belligerent toward Russia - policies Hillary promised to pursue. Trump is doing their dirty work for them so they might keep him in there so he can take the blame for what they're doing, starting world war three.

Good Morning Patriots

Americans have been feeling out of sorts. Being no longer able to convince themselves that their wealth and high standard of living make them superior to everyone else they at least knew they had the biggest mlitary and could kill everybody on the planet if they wanted to.

But then Americans got a president who embarrassed them and learned that it's hard to talk about "American Exceptionalism" when the rest of the world is laughing at you.

But America is back -- for today anyway -- because some dark skinned people who talk funny and have a strange religion had their intestines strewn across the remains of a few businesses in Syria last night.

Patriotism is nationalism.

American Exceptionalism is nationalism.

Nationalism is the idea that the country you happen to have been born in is better than all the other countries.

White supremacy is the idea that the group you think you're part of is better than some other group.

You're not who you think you are, America. Have a nice day.

Sunday, April 8, 2018


For the record, the "gas attack" Syria is being blamed for never happened. Western intelligence's White Helmet propaganda arm, the only source of information about the attack, have staged these before. They always come immediately a US president makes public utterances about winding down or leaving Syria. Once when the US said regime change is no longer necessary.

The White Helmets come from the ranks of the US proxy and paid for jihadi militias, who in the media are called "moderate rebels." The White Helmets were assembled and trained by British intelligence. They stage a gas attack and take pictures of themselves at the site and the media prints them, but they're not wearing protective suits, but they are wearing those dust masks you buy at the hardware store. There's a lot of cell phone video showing White Helmets doing things like pushing a fake victim back onto the ground when he mistakenly thought they were done filming.

For all these attacks the White Helmets are the source of the information and no evidence is ever presented. One gas attack that actually did happen was traced to "rebels" funded by Pakistan. It's been a great PR job up to and including an Oscar for a documentary about the White Helmets, who only work in "rebel" held, i.e. jihadi-held, areas. There are pictures of them celeberating with ISIS.

Trump's reaction last time was to have the US armed forces kill some random dark skinned working class people. That's no better than Hillary, although, also for the record, she would advanced the conflict much further by now, and she intended to kill a lot more working class people than you can kill with a few cruise missiles. Her stated policy on her campaign web site was to invade and occupy the skies over Syria. That would have killed civilians and according to the Pentagon almost certainly led to war with Russia. Lucky for us, and the world, the Russians have some pictures of Donald Trump in a hotel room with prostitutes.

The pictures below are from social media where a huge number of people around the world get informed. Youtube is really the place the White Helmets have been documented and a quick search will bring up the best videos.

We the people should be opposing our government's imperialistic blood baths. Until we do the hucksters we send to Washington will just keep ordering and paying for them.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Rebellion In The Streets And The White House

"As rebellion grows," reads one headline as another teacher strike gets underway, this time in Oklahoma, with near 100 percent solidarity by teachers and massive public support. That bodes well for a successful strike. That's what West Virginia teachers had when they trounced the legislature and governor. Teachers in Kentucky, Arizona and several other states have taken strike votes or are holding rallies.

Teachers at the Kentucky capital - photo by Timothy D. Easley/AP

Meanwhile there's rebellion in the White House. News reports say Trump is becoming more independent of his advisers and has completely shut most of them out of the White House, including chief of staff Kelly. Since they were the only curb on his impulsiveness he might blow the world up now, the story goes.

But what's more likely to happen, based on what Trump's done so far, is pretty much directly the opposite. Trump wants to have peace talks with everyone. When he's been on his own he says things that contradict his administration's policy, which is standard US imperial foreign policy. Trump defers to any tin pan dictator who looks and acts like himself and always says what an honor it is to meet them.

Americans who grew up thinking they're superior to everyone else find it hard to fathom and impossible to accept that their president repeatedly says that getting along with Russia is a good thing. And the bloodthirsty, profit driven American foreign policy establishment, with the full backing of its Capitalist class funders, is used to doing as it pleases without any interference from politicians as long as they are given their cut.

The function of the president has primarily been to sign sanctions bills and provide political cover for the continual wars that keeps the profits flowing. An unpredictable and independent president isn't acceptable.

The savages who run our country will keep up the pressure for war. Anything can happen. Terrible things might happen. But with Trump acting like Trump the odds are in the world's favor and Americans are better off than than they would have been under warmongering, conservative Democrats who've overseen the last 30 years of stagnant wages and the long, slow, unnoticeable, insidious death of the American Dream.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Trump Peace Dividend

So far Donald Trump has been far short of ideal when it comes to his foreign policy but the current situation is an improvement over the one left him by President Obama, which almost surely would have gotten worse under Clinton.


1. Today it was announced North Korea's Kim Jong Un has been in Beijing for meetings to lay groundwork for his upcoming summits with South Korea's president and with President Trump, and things actually look promising for a peaceful resolution. Whereas Trump is willing to meet with Kim Jong Un, the foreign policy playbook Clinton follows forbade a face to face meeting let alone coming to a resolution.

2. Syria has deescalated under Trump. On the downside, he's beefed up the small contingent of US forces Obama had inside Syria, but otherwise the country continues to stabilize as Syria mops up the last of ISIS and makes steady headway against the US-backed Al Qaeda "rebels", the proxy jihadist militias the US supplies and pays salaries for, or did until Trump ended their funding. Clinton, you'll recall, promised to escalate Syria. She wanted to send the US Air Force over there to "establish" a no fly zone, in other words shoot down any Russian or Syrian planes that come within range. Her languaqe and history are of wanting to confront Russia and she aimed to do it in Syria, too.

3. Which brings us to this insane cold war she helped get going and which has been fueled by her party's Russigate strategy. She could tamp that down, but besides helping her deal with her defeat she knows innately that it's a perfect diversion to the issues being raised by the Bernie wing, the party's suppression of which she no doubts approves of since she played a part in ousting that wing from the party leadership those years ago and since then has only helped cement party ties to Wall Street, where she has many good friends and where she can always pick up a quick $250k bribe.

Clinton's foreign policy vision was one of American exceptionalism and Capitalist imperialism, and war and death and propping up profits for military contractors. Every week it seems Trump, as a way to manage the never ending attempts to oust him, goes along with a demand that he levy sanctions on someone who hasn't done anything but fail to acquiesce to the US in some way. Left to his own devices things like that don't occur to him. His uninformed mind is incapable of absorbing the all encompassing amoral ruthless agenda for global domination Clinton is one of the leaders of, but despte his generals Trump most often follows his own impulses and that's been easily more beneficial to the world at large than we'd be seeing under Clinton.

Thursday, March 22, 2018


Updated again 3/26/18 7:10 pm MST

In the struggle over the distribution of wealth -- wealth that workers' labor creates -- the workers have a powerful tool in the strike, and a wave or waves of strikes is a sign that significant change could well be afoot. We're seeing a small string of successful strikes and they succeeded because they were supported by the local communities because that applies political pressure besides the economic pressure.

The number and frequency of strikes around the country continues to slowly build. The successful West Virginia teachers strike was quickly followed by teachers in Oklahoma, Arizona, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and several other states taking strike votes or staging brief walkouts. Student teachers just won a strike in California and communications workers are striking in Virginia, again a southern state.

When strikes succeed it builds confidence in the labor movement at large. When broader communities get riled up, things start to change. The balance of power shifts to the workers and wages and benefits go up not just in union jobs but everywhere.

There will eventually be a pushback by the ruling class. No one gives up perks and privileges willingly. They must be taken away, taken back.

Democrats, in their role as the police of the working class, have stepped up their efforts to strangle their insurgent left wing and keep left leaning members of the party off the ballot.

Soon after the '16 election the party was forced to make feints to the left but that pretense is gone as the central party recruits and supports the most conservative candidates it can, who in many cases have either intelligence or military backgrounds.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Blueish Red

Someone put together a list of the Democrats in the US House of Representatives who refuse to co-sponsor the Medicare for All single payer health care bill introduced by Reps John Conyers of Michigan and Keith Ellison of Minnesota.

New Democrats Mexico Michelle Grisham and Ben Lujan are on the list. On economic matters New Mexico Democrats are Democrat in name only and often vote with Republicans.

New Mexico is nominally a blue state but like many of the red states it's at the bottom of the barrel in things like poverty, child health, child poverty, and it's for the same reason. It's the state's low wage economy, which is that way because New Mexico Democrats are, again, like Republicans when it comes to economic matters. They side with corporations and the rich and against working people.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A US-DPRK Summit

If Trump makes peace with the DPRK, North Korea, he will be ahead 4-1.

When I say 4-1 I mean that on four occasions Trump has done something that's better for the world than what Hillary would have done and in one case he's done worse than she would have, based on what her stated policies are and what he actually has done.

First is Syria. Hillary promised to escalate and confront Russia and under Trump it's over.

Second is that he's severely limited if not destroyed the old NATO led imperial consensus for going to war and esstroying any nation that resists the Neoliberal Capitalism.

On Russia the Neocon foreign policy establishment and Russigaters cornered Trump and have him doing precisely what they would have done, act with typical American exceptionalism and belligerence, so that's a minus, but the Neocons would go even further, as they actively discuss doing, so Russia is more of a wash.

I'll give Hillary the point on the tax giveaways but let's just see if Democrats will use them as an excuse to eliminate the loopholes, the ways the rich people already get out of paying the tax rates they should be paying and have for a long time. And couldn't used to. Before, the rich could only get deductions by plowing money back into their businesses but now they can pocket that cash, and don't buy efficient new equipment and Americans do more manual labor at work than they did 15 years ago. I witnessed the parcel post industry go from automated to hand sorting.

So if this DPRK initiative bears fruit the world will be ahead 3-1 over what they'd be with a Neocon, Hillary, in the saddle. 

A sitting president has never met with a DPRK head of state. Hillary would never appear on the stage with Kim Jong Un, as equals because it's against the Neocon bible.

I shouldn't say this but Hillary's people might also be leery of her having to appear on the same stage as Kim Yo Jon, Kim Jong Un's sister and the media sensation of the Winter Olympics.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Fuzzy And An Uncloudy Day

One of the times I tried to get out of trucking I was a hired hand at Fuzzy's Pheasant Farm, run by a guy called Fuzzy and his wife out in the south end of the Estancia Valley.

Fuzzy didn't really want me there at first. I had a PO in Moriarty knew Fuzzy's wife because her brother and I were besties in Moriarty and shared a mobile home for awhile. I had flirted with her and she made Fuzzy gove me a job. I met Fuzzy on my first day. He came out and had me get in the passenger side of his big electric four wheeler golf cart and we flew to the other end of his pheasant farm at breakneck speed and then he literally let big farts at me all day while we built these big wooden feeders from scratch that were big enough to feed dozens of head of these things, but it was outdoors and I understood his resentment but I wanted to work there awhile so I stuck it out and eventually he was a good boss. Not bad, in Marxist terms.

They ended up leaving me alone there one week when they went somewhere and the primo hired hand Ramon had to go to Mexico. You talk about blue skies. New Mexico is already dry and their place is in the lee of the Manzano Mountains, the dry side. Not cloudy all day, brown rangeland with mountains rising a few miles away. Everybody else would call that much land a ranch but maybe because Fuzzy's Pheasant Ranch doesn't have as many words starting with an F.

Next: The dirty dusty pheasant business

Coming in from the NW - the dark band is netting over the cages

Looking back at Fuzzy's gate

Click here for the Google map view of Fuzzy's.

The Second Battle Of Blair Mountain

Bernie Sanders walks with Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union in 2015

A Democratic candidate for the New York statehouse, Ross Barkan, has a column in The Guardian that puts the West Virginia teacher's strike in the proper context. Here are a few quotes from it:

"We are now in a second Gilded Age, with billionaires and hard-right politicians more committed than ever to perpetuating these inequalities."

"Weak-willed Democrats pay lip service to organized labor while doing little else other than make appearances at rallies and take a decent vote once in a while."

"All the Democrats running for president in 2020 should not only be standing with the teachers of West Virginia but traveling down there themselves to show solidarity. This is the fight that matters."

"But workers should understand politicians will only act if they act first. There will be no Moses for the new labor movement. It will be led by the people on the front lines, the teachers and sanitation workers and healthcare workers and everyone else who keep society afloat while subsisting on relatively little."

The last Democrat I saw walkng a picket line was Jesse Jackson and it's been decades.
Today's Democrats won't go near a picket line. In New Mexico we have Democrats who never use the word union in  any of their public statements or remarks -- I know, I've been monitoring this personally for about five years -- and yet we have union leadership here who support them anyway. As Barkan points out in that last quote, it's up to us.