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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

War In Syria Escalates By The Day

Turkey yesterday sent its first ground troops into Syria, acquiescing to American demands. This comes on the heels of China's entry into that US/Hillary Clinton instigated conflict. China joins Russia and Iran on the Syrian side as Syria tries to fend off the illegal, blatant, interventionist US efforts to remove Syria's legitimate ruler, Bashar al Assad, from power. The country is swarming with CIA and US military "advisers, and US organized, funded and supplied jihadist militias. (Note: The "moderate" Islamists the US pretends it supplies don't exist. There are no moderate Islamists.)

Go ahead. Vote for Clinton. Pull that trigger.

Note: Nick Barnabe has a nice rundown in Anti-Media of what Hillary, based on her statements, is likely to do upon taking office.

Monday, August 22, 2016


Another garbage scow full of emails Hillary didn't hand over to the FBI has been dumped on the public showing that rich foreigners and Gulf oil states paid between $50k and $10 million into the giant Clinton Foundation slush fund to gain expedited access to then secretary of state Clinton, and the topic #HillaryEmails is trending on Twitter.

What's worse is what's not being reported. China has now entered the Syrian Middle East war the US started under Hillary's urging, joining Russia and Iran in an anti US alliance, which also now includes former ally Turkey which the US recently alienated by backing a failed coup against President Edrogan.

China's action is in response to the US economic and military encirclement  of China under the Obama so-called Pivot to Asia, which includes arming Autralia, the Phillipines and other of China's neighbors, and the US South China Sea provocations against China, and the TPP trade treaty with China's neighbors

Hillary has promised to escalate things in the Middle East, and remember that she's one of the main Neocons behind the trouble with Russia -- which includes what has become one of the Clinton campaign's main planks, the demonizing of Vladmir Putin, but also the US backed coup in Ukraine, and surrounding Russia with new NATO members and installing US troops and ballistic missile batteries in them.

You don't have to vote for Trump but if you vote for Clinton you may very well be voting for World War III.

Born In Revolution

Radical civil rights lawyer John Whitehead has an article out called "There Will Be No 2nd American Revolution - An Armed Revolt Will Be Futile and the Government Wants It" which was reprinted today at The Free Thought Project.

In it he recounts how the national security state has become increasingly pervasive, and it has.

He says the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security have both drawn up plans for how to deal with massive civil disobedience and insurrection by the American people, and they have.

Whitehead says the government is so well armed that any kind of armed struggle by the people would be futile.

Almost no one who commented on the article agrees with him.

I'm sure many, if not most Americans agree with Whitehead. They'd say they'd never consider taking part in an insurrection against the government. That's what people always have always said. The government, the king, the feudal master, seem so powerful and omniscient that the average person can't conceive of massive resistance, until the moment they rise up.

Revolution is in our blood. We were born in revolution.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Neoliberalism In Crises - Martin Jacques

Martin Jacques of the London School of Economics writing in The Guardian today says that the Trump and Sanders campaigns and UK "Brexit" vote to leave the European all owe to the now unquestionable failure of Neoliberalism, but that the political class, left, right and center, knows nothing else. Which isn't good news.

Jacques, no radical leftist, goes over the sad litany of statistics about stagnant wages and declining living standards I've been repeating here for years but which have been largely ignored by the mainstream media, and so haven't been absorbed on a conscious level by the public, although their dissatisfaction is being felt and being registered by their disdain for politicians and for Capitalists who for years have been seen as role models.

Even if Hillary Clinton and her campaign, and the entire media and ruling class establishment working in concert manage to demonize Donald Trump into oblivion, that dissatisfaction won't go away. In fact, I'd say, it will become more apparent and get even worse because Clinton has wasted little effort coming up with any ideas for what to do about it and remains wedded to failed Neoliberal policies.

As have our elected officials here in New Mexico, I might add. I received a bizarre fundraising solicitation today from Ben Lujan, the northern NM representative to the US house, in which he actually, for the first time I know of, lays out how terrible things are for young people, who are seeing their opportunities for college wither away as the costs for college continue to skyrocket. His solution -- give them lower interest loans. These Democrats in our federal delegation -- Lujan, Michelle Grisham, Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall, pretend that they don't know that a few short years ago there was enough government assistance that every kid who wanted to could attend college and get out debt free. Thanks for the miserable futures your giving today's kids, folks.

All they do any more is to hype up fear over Donald Trump. And unfortunately, the most important part of Trump's platform, a foreign policy that looks dovish compared to the warmongering Clinton's -- a fact that doesn't interest the media or New Mexico politicians -- will go away with him and trainloads of innocent blood will flow through the streets of the Middle East, and very possibly other places -- Ukraine, Crimea, Iran, to name a few.

As The Intercept notes, defense contractors are salivating over a Clinton presidency.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Black Panthers Matter

A breathtaking, radical manifesto released earlier this month by a coalition of groups called The Movement For Black Lives, of which the huge nationwide Black Lives Matter movement is a member, received some mainstream media attention when it was released, but only because one paragraph of the 40,000 word document called Israel an "apartheid" state that's committing "genocide" against Palestinians.

The manifesto is formally called A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice, and I say it's breathtaking not only because it's so comprehensive and well thought out and so radical but also because it's so incongruous with most of what you hear from Black Lives Matter activists, who by and large aren't all that politically engaged but who do identify with identity politics, which essentially means they are apolitical.

On that, you can be for black civil rights, or be a feminist, or a gay activist, and be either a Democrat or a Republican. Politics itself doesn't really matter to the practitioner of identity politics. The core of politics -- economic matters -- isn't of concern to you. Many identity politics adherents are very well off and could care less whether economically disadvantaged blacks, women or gays live or die. Just look at the Democratic Party's base, which sends Democrats to congress in droves who are much like those we send from New Mexico, who could care less about economic matters and who never introduce or sign on to any piece of legislation that would even slightly alter the obscenely unequal status quo in this country, let alone do anything to slow down our government's ongoing global orgy of warmongering.

The manifesto calls for things like free college education, free universal health care, diverting military spending to finance public education including college, and community control of the police. It's way more radical than Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are in another, far more conservative world.

The manifest is so radical because the coalition's member groups are. As Karl Kumodzi, who sat on the policy committee, told The Atlantic, they were some pretty well informed people, who knew something about the Black radical tradition and also about something the document borrows heavily from -- the Ten Point Program of the Black Panthers,. The Panthers were Marxists and revolutionaries and so are many of the people who belong to the groups in the coalition. I've heard some of them on Black Agenda Radio, which is produced by Black Socialist Glen Ford, although to Ford, who has Black nationalists and Black separatists on his program, the manifesto apparently doesn't go far enough and he's scarcely mentioned it.

Many of the most prominent people in Black Lives Matter have essentially ignored the manifesto, too, but for the same reason they disliked Bernie Sanders and now wish the presidential election would just go away. It reminds them of the shortcomings of identity politics and of how it actually does nothing about inequality and injustice for society as a whole, and can in fact make things worse.

But the document, and the articles and comments it's generated, are still bubbling around social media and aren't likely to go away soon, and it's going to be interesting to see if this welcome injection of reality has any long term influence on Black Lives Matter. As The Nation writes, it's not something that would make it through a Republican congress and isn't even the kind of incrementalism today's Democrats are infamous for, but it's not pie in the sky either. Each of its six primary demands is followed by realistic strategies for their implementation, some of which are already in use, and all that's really required is the will of a few million or so people that it be done.

Note: If you heard the news reports about the accusations of apartheid and genocide and wondered; that paragraph's co-author, Rachel Gilmer, who has a Black father and a white Jewish mother, was raised Jewish and used to be a Zionist, explains it to the Jewish Daily Forward, which has a history of even handed, well done articles. Gilmer says in part:

“There is a long history of those in power telling Black, Brown and all oppressed people how they can describe the violence inflicted upon them,” she wrote to the Forward. “We reject this history and believe that those who are suffering the brunt of oppression, mass killings and violence have the right to name what is happening to them.”

The article's author, Sam Kestenbaum, also writes:

For many of these young activists, who have studied texts like the Black Panthers’ Ten-Point Program from the 1960s and papers by the revisionist Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, “genocide may not be defined solely as death but as cultural genocide,” said Kelly, “losing a culture, losing a language, losing your land.”

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Working Class Language

This video of a "Trump convoy" in rural Massachusetts last month is being passed around social media with indignant exclamations about the racism of Trump supporters, by people who pretend as if they've never heard this kind of language, as if they and their friends don't talk this way. It's in the sound track of CB chatter which someone laid over the video.

This is the vile language of the working class, not racism. The working class talks like this everywhere and always has. The nigger this and nigger that is incidental. Black, Hispanic, White, Indian, Asian working class people all talk this way, because they all need someone to look down on. They need ways to feel superior to someone, anyone, and ways to feel like they are a member of the group they're in, and to do that they always look for an "other" and then talk disparagingly about them. It's the same as when sports fans say things like, Yankees rule. Cowboys suck.

This is the working class. It's this way for a reason. We need to look at the reasons why all working class people talk this way, and why they feel the way they do. Angry, bitter, and desperately needing to belong to something, anything.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Happy 90th

Fidel Castro turns 90 today. What he means as a symbol, as always with such things, depends on who you are.

William In Chief

As Donald Trump self destructs no one is asking whether he's doing it intentionally, but I recall that at one point during the primaries, when it began to appear Trump had a chance to be the Republican nominee, a theory bubbled around for a day or two that the moderately successful businessman, but very successful self promoter, had entered the primaries just to get some free publicity; that he had had no actual interest in being president and was probably surprised by the level of his popularity with Republican primary voters.

I also heard mention once, maybe twice, the idea that he and the Clintons were in on it together. If you accept that premise the reasons are obvious. To weaken the Republican Party and help Hillary.

Bill Clinton, remember, is the master strategist of all master strategists, the triangulator in chief. He was behind the remaking of the Democratic Party from a working class to a ruling class party, and he did the almost unheard of -- he unseated a popular president after one term, because of his old friend Ross Perot's independent candidacy, and with much less than a majority of the popular vote, and won re-election the same way. There were suggestions at the time of collusion between Clinton and Perot but they faded away.

In office he gave the Republican Party repeated cases of the fits. They took control of congress, even the house, which had been in Democratic hands for decades, but could get none of their agenda past Clinton -- anyone remember Newt Gingrich's "Contract With America?" -- while Clinton repeatedly outmaneuvered them and took credit when he got their polices -- things like business friendly trade deals, welfare reform and opening the media to monopoly and foreign ownership -- enacted. Republicans became so frustrated they came to believe that they must impeach him.

Which he survived, of course, and now hardly anyone remembers that whole episode, and William J Clinton has gone from being the butt of a thousand jokes and nearly broke when he left office to being an extremely wealthy .1 percenter, and respected world figure no less, whose wife and lifelong partner in crime is about to become the next president, providing him with a role he can define and play any way he wants to; again having access to power, but shielded from the public eye and emerging from the shadow of his wife on terms he alone will define. One can only imagine what he has in mind for that role, but you can be sure it's something. And as for how much he has to do with Donald Trump, the current elections and the turmoil in the Republican Party, only he and Hillary will know, and some of those who tried to destroy him will guess.

Update: Actually, the release of Hillary's tax records this weeks shows the Clintons to be in the top .02 percent income bracket, raking in 300 times the median family income, most of it coming from their $200K per pop mini speeches. They did give a lot of it to charity, however; mostly to the Clinton Foundation, the money laundering scheme that included rich foreigners making multi million dollar donations and then receiving favorable treatment from the US State Department, which was being run by Hillary at the time.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The United States is a ‘Nonstop War Chariot’

Such is the delightful headline over a column at as translated by Watching America, where volunteers translate the world press when it's talking about the USA. I have a link to Watching America at the right.

Huanqiu is a type of business daily, one of those government-private enterprise partnerships the Chinese Communist Party has let happen or facilitated, I'm not sure just how they work -- many are in manufacturing, especially high tech --  along the Chinese road to becoming a Capitalist powerhouse.

The column was written by Guang-shi Yang, a Chinese academic. You often see such articles in the Chinese press, where some provincial professor lays out his own unique analysis of things. They are always informed by Marxism to a greater or lesser degree, as is much of world academia for that matter, and won't be something Chinese officialdom will strongly disapprove of, but include the author's own pet theories and are sometimes pretty interesting.

(Note: Watching America usually puts its own graphics next to its translated articles. This one wasn't in the original.)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A helpful article by Civil Rights Attorney John Whitehead about the police problem.

Whitehead says the problem arises from several sources and suggests several ways in which the problem should be attacked. It's definitely a threat to democracy, he contends.

Whitehead heads the Rutherford Institute, which he founded, in Charlottesville, VA. He first gained fame as one of the attorneys for Paula Jones, one of the women who sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment.